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7 Colors Which Look Great On Beautifully Bronzed Indian Skin

Black is the universal color and there is no match for when it comes to choosing what to wear. That said, there sure are other colors which complement dusky skin beautifully. If you’re going to a party and see a line-up of black cocktail dresses, I’m not sure you’ll feel any good of what you’re wearing, unless  it’s a theme party.

Who wants to be restricted to just Black, when you have an array of bronze to electric blue to magenta pink to choose from.

#1. Brick Orange

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Brick orange is perfect for dusky skin, it is neither too neon-ish nor too light. It perfectly complements the dusky skin. Wearing a knee short strapless dress or backless cocktail gown with a long cut to shoe off perfectly tanned long legs, brick orange is your color.

Tip: Match it with silver heels and diamond bracelet.

#2. Magenta Pink

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Magenta Pink is quite neon-ish but it suits dark skin well. Get yourself a spa before big party or prom. Let your hair loose or go for messy bun, but whatever you choose, accessorise it with pair of teardrop earring and black stilettoes. You will surely be the eye catcher of crowd.

Tip: Arrive fashionably late if you have adorned your body with this color.

#3. Electric Blue

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The electric blue dress or gown, anything is just perfect. Choose golden colored accessories with your electric blue outfit. Wear a single pendant necklace and get a princess style twist bun.

Tip: Try gold wedges to go with the dress.

#4. Chartreuse yellow


Choose a Chartreuse yellow body hugging dress if you have the curves to die for. Make a sweetheart neckline and let your hairs loose. Try straightening your hair or go for ultimate big curls. This color looks good with red accessories and red heels so try ruby stone.

Tip: With this dress or cocktail gown, try ruby red pointed heels with a strap.

#5. Olive green

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Olive green color compliments sun-kissed skin perfectly. So, whether it is a gown and knee short dress or a tank top with ripped jeans, it could be worn in any way to make it look good.

Tip: Wear it olive green bellies or black stilettoes, whatever is easily available to you.

#6. Crimson red

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The crimson red is the color that is perfect for blond skin as well as dusky skin. It is influential and evocative color that will give a classy personality.

Tip: Pair it with golden accessories.

#7. Universal white

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White is a perfect color for dark skin as it will emboss your skin. The white color never gets out of trend and cool color to wear it in any season. While wearing a gown or knee short dress, keep your hands free.

Tip: Wear the white dress with white bellies.

You could also go for burnished gold and gun metal grey, but they are hard to find colors as compared to others. So, just rock the red carpet and stay beautiful.


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