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Wardrobe insight: What color are you wearing today?

We have all read articles where we read what different effect does color have on our mood and looks. As per today, there are about 60,80,000 Google search results (0.42 seconds) when you search with key words color+clothes+mood

This got me thinking of the colors I have in my wardrobe. About 95% of my clothes are either White, Blue, grey or black, with few rare picks in pastels- peach, pink, yellow or green.

Even though, I never made a conscious decision that I would stick to these colored clothes only, I always end up buying from the same color palette. Our color choices are often driven by emotions and memories. But before I dig deeper into why I choose the only colors I choose, let’s take a look at some pieces from my closet and ultimately does it have any meaning?

My while grey n blue closet.jpg

Clothing colors we choose are important not only to communicate our color personality but also in terms of our emotional health and the moods of those around us.

Let’s have a look at what does the colors in my wardrobe choices say about me/my life.



This is my favourite of all, and so I own different shades of blue in almost every clothing type. Blue induces tranquillity and relaxation. It’s not a surprise that people feel the most comfortable in blue clothing colors. This feeling of tranquillity is conducive to a more creative mood. A Research shows that because people associate blue with openness and peace, they feel safer exploring their ideas when they’re surrounded by the calming color.



“Gray is a neutral color that doesn’t have a particularly strong effect on mood, except subconsciously”, and so speaks color psychology. Gray is a good choice of clothing color if you want to exude a soft, sophisticated air. Although, it sure comes with a warning of having some “suppressive” effect. “If you wear gray all the time, you may not be the happiest person after a while”. Hmmm, I wouldn’t worry about that, already been there and am not getting back there.


images (5)-horz.jpg

Black is easy to wear and goes with almost anything. “Black as a clothing color can be elegant, formal, and slimming.


sonam white-horz.jpg

White is my overall favourite. I so wish, I could wear it more often. I totally love the overall clean and calm feeling that it comes with.



When we see a dress in hues of pastels, we call it a ‘pretty’ dress rather than “stunning”. Despite its demure appearance, pastels do have some powerful effects on mood and emotional health. So when it calls for a happier, less angry mood, opt for a clothing color with a rosy hue.

So in the end it seems I prefer to choose subtle colors that have soft soothing effect. I tend to wear not so “screaming for attention” kind of colors. This pretty much echoes with my life philosophy. Why run after different things if we could bring in peace with the color choice we make for the clothes we wear.

Smart wardrobe tips:

  1. Choosing simplistic colors doesn’t mean you have to be plain Jane all the time. Although all the colors here are subtle, depending up on the occasion and the type of clothing you choose, you can get many different looks – say
    1. Classic – an all white palazzo or suit when you need for instant power dress up,
    2. Minimal chic – classic blue jeans with black T or white shirt for an easy evening hang-out.
    3. For the girly girl – Plain T paired with a printed maxi skirt to add some playfulness
    4. For everyday work wear – the palette works best as the formal work wear option everyday and any day.
  2. With Blue-grey-black-white color palette, almost everything goes with everything. This lets you do more mix and match. Pair different things together and look different every time.
  3. The best part, you can make the most use of your closet, as there are fewer chances where you end up thinking what do I pair this one with.

Let us read back what are the colors that dominate your wardrobe and why do you choose the colors you do.

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