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How to remove bad odour from your workout clothes?

Is sweating good…why? Because it keeps our body cool. Sweating comes out most from the workout clothes. This makes them stinky and makes us nauseous.

So, how to remove bad odour from your work clothes…without making them useless?

Below mentioned are the few ways to manage your work clothes nicely:

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1. Dry them till you wash them

Once you finish working out, soak them in normal water. Then just hang them in such a way that sunlight falls directly on them. This way they will not only dry up but you will be free from stinky smell. You could always wash them on your cheat day or at the end of the week. This way you will not have a burden to remove the stink from lots of clothes and their fabric will remain intact.

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2. Say NO to fabric softeners

Fabric softener damages the quality of the clothes. It not only makes them loose and stretchy but also fades their color. Sometimes it may leave behind the captive smell which could cause a rash to the skin.

If you are in dire need of fabric softener, try natural fabric softener – Vinegar. Once you finish of washing clothes, take a bucket of water, add vinegar and leave your washed work-out clothes in there. After 10-15 minutes, hang them in sunlight.

Or after soaking you could toss it in the washing machine with another load. The vinegar acts as both a natural fabric softener and bacteria killer.

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3. Do not go hard on detergents

When you work out, you will sweat more but that does not call for more detergent. The detergents go very harsh on clothes. They damage the thread and shape of clothes. Washing machines are designed to use a set amount of detergent based on the size of the load. Excess soap will just build up on your clothes, which will then trap dead skin and harbour fungus.

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4. Kitchen equipment:

Root in your kitchen and use baking soda in the washing machine to cleanse your clothes thoroughly. Pour a ½ cup of baking soda or squeeze the juice of one large lemon to the rinse cycle. The baking soda neutralizes odours while the citric acid in the juice breaks down the oils in the clothing fibres.

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5. Toss them away

When you feel, it is too much, just toss away your workout clothes in the garbage and buy the new ones. With taking care of the body you also need to take care of your skin. Clothes could give you infection as well as skin disease. So, make sure to buy the new pair of yoga pants and tank tops. Because the trend of buying new workout clothes is never getting old.

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Say NO to stinky dirty work out clothes. Work out hard but do not go hard on clothes because they are the ones that will show how much you reduced. Follow above tips and stay nausea-free.


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